About Forwardingworld

Forwardingworld : Your world !

This is Forwardingworld. The exclusive place for forwarders. Not the forwarding-companies, but for us, the people who work there....the Forwarders !
Forwardingworld is a place made for and by you. Initiated by professionals from the industry. As a place, where you can find the information you need, or where you can leave useful information for your colleagues. Where you can meet, to ask eachother questions, or just to leave your comapny details. To build up and build out your network, the Forwarders' main tool.

Under Resources you will find links to useful tools and information, and please feel free to add more items that you might feel useful !
Also, we are always ready to publish your news...when you have something to say, Share it with the rest of the world !

And please, do spread the word about our world, our success is in the numbers, the more forwarders visit our world, the better our network.

Welcome to our world, The ForwardingWorld team !

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