Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

The Sukhoil Civil Aircraft is negotiating the shipment of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) passenger airliners to South Africa, an aviation industry source told journalists."A number of meetings have been held, and South Africa has taken an interest in these planes," the source said, adding that South Africa's size is ideal for the plane's operational range.

"The company SuperJet International is likely to carry out the shipment," he said.

South Africa will make a final decision on the matter after the Mexican airline Inter Jet starts operating SSJ100s.

The parties are also discussing the purchase by South African airlines of the MS-21 prospective passenger aircraft, whose serial production should start in 2017.

The source said the shipment of these planes to subsidiaries of Rostech Aviacapital Service is being considered as a possible option. Rostech Aviacapital Service earlier ordered 50 MS-21 planes for Aeroflot and signed an agreement on shipping 35 such planes to governmental clients.