JF Hillebrand strengthens Australian network through acquisition of John Crack Freight Services

F Hillebrand has strengthened its capability to provide dedicated wine and beverage logistics services with the acquisition of another specialist forwarder, John Crack Freight Services (JCFS). The acquisition underpins JF Hillebrand’s position in the Australian market.

Strategically located at the port of Adelaide, JCFS has been in business for 18 years, providing expert forwarding services to a number of wineries throughout Australia. The company also operates an 8,000 square metre warehousing and container packing depot.

“We are truly delighted to welcome JCFS to the Hillebrand Group,” said Michael Frogbrook, JF Hillebrand’s Managing Director / Area Manager for Australia & New Zealand. “The acquisition presents both companies with a unique opportunity to further enhance levels of specialist service to customers across Australia.“

After the acquisition and due to its excellent reputation throughout the world, JCFS will retain its own identity and existing structure, and all customer contacts will remain unchanged. However, JCFS will be able to draw on the synergies and global networking opportunities provided by the Hillebrand Group; ensuring that customers enjoy the benefits of an enhanced service offering.

“Since 1993, JCFS has gained a reputation for supply chain efficiency and personal service,”  said John Crack,  Managing Director of JCFS. “Becoming part of the Hillebrand Group will provide business development opportunities and enable us to better serve our customers‘ future requirements. Our clients will enjoy a wider selection of route options and improved access to space and equipment, supported by JF Hillebrand’s global network and information management systems.”